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NASA TV, space activities, astrobiology, planetary science, astrophysics

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NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration, agency of the United States government responsible for developing space exploration. NASA conducts both human and unpiloted spaceflights, and also trains astronauts and carries out scientific experiments in space. NASA’s areas of space research include planetary science, astrophysics, astronomy, Earth science, astrobiology, and aerospace medicine. The agency studies the performance and design of airplanes (aeronautics) and rockets as well.

NASA has a wide range of educational outreach programs in the form of public lectures, Websites, and television (NASA TV) for classrooms and the general public. In addition, NASA works to increase international alliances for space activities, and to establish partnerships between private companies and government agencies in the aerospace industry. NASA is a civilian agency, separate from the military and intelligence-gathering space programs conducted by the United States Department of Defense (DOD).

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